Characteristics of Thyroid Disease in Pediatric Population

Anja Tomic, Silvija Puseljic, Visnja Tomac
2020 Southeastern European medical journal  
Aim: In the last decade, an increase in the incidence of autoimmune thyroid disease in children has been observed. The aim of the study was to determine the incidence of thyroid disease in the pediatric population treated at the Pediatric Clinic in Osijek; to determine if there was a rise in thyroid disease incidence in pediatric population in the observed period; and to determine whether there was any association of certain factors with an increased incidence of thyroid disease. Methods: This
more » ... tudy was a two-year retrospective study in two separately observed one-year periods (2010 and 2017). All patients with thyroid endocrinological disorders treated at the Pediatric Clinic of the University Hospital Centre Osijek were included in the study. Their medical records were used to obtain data. Differences between variables were tested by the χ2 test, Fisher's exact test and Mann-Whitney U test. The level of statistical significance was accepted for p <0.05. Results: There was a 2.4-fold increase in the approximate incidence of thyroid disease, 9.7-fold higher approximate incidence of autoimmune thyroiditis, 9.75-fold higher approximate incidence of unspecified hypothyroidism and a triple increase in the approximate incidence of non-toxic goiter. Other unspecified thyroid diseases are also statistically significantly on the rise. An analysis of factors such as anamnestic features, age, gender, comorbidities and other relevant data could not explain the increased incidence of thyroid disease. Conclusion: The incidence of thyroid disease has increased considerably in the observed years, following world trends. Efforts should be taken to clarify the mechanisms and factors involved in causing thyroid diseases in the pediatric population.
doi:10.26332/seemedj.v4i2.142 doaj:2d87fb966a6e4f86988b03d62de3b45f fatcat:f5dahx2s6naathtqbdifdge6jm