PT Symmetry and Renormalization in Pomeron Model

Gian Paolo Vacca
2009 Proceedings of the XVII International Workshop on Deep-Inelastic Scattering and Related Topics   unpublished
P T Sym m etry and R enorm alization in P om eron M odel G i an Paol o Vacca 1 IN FN sezi one diB ol ogna V i a Irneri o 46,40126 B ol ogna,Ital y A novelperturbati ve anal ysi s for the 2 + 1 l ocalsupercri ti cal el d theory ofpom erons i s devel oped. It i s based on the PT sym m etry of the m odel w hi ch al l ow s to study a si m i l ar H am i l toni an w i th the sam e real perturbati ve spectrum . In the l ow est non tri vi alorder ofperturbati on theory the pom eron i nteracti ons are
more » ... ow n to l ead to the renorm al i zati on ofthesl ope. T he appearance ofa non l ocali nteracti on fortw o pom eron statesi ssuch thatatsm al lcoupl i ng onl y scatteri ng statesare presentand the spectrum oftw o parti cl e states i s not a ected.
doi:10.3360/dis.2009.30 fatcat:3pkdxg4aq5h7lm77k6itma5xyy