Which syntactic information gets interpreted by phonosyntactic processes? Evidence from /u/ propagation in Southern Italian dialects [chapter]

M. Rita Manzini, Leonardo M. Savoia
Approaches to Metaphony in the Languages of Italy  
We address the classical problem of the relation between syntax and phonology starting from the view that phonology, as an interpretive component, works together with morphology and the lexicon as an externalization device (Berwick & Chomsky 2011). We consider a set of phonosyntactic phenomena (i.e. syntactically conditioned phonological phenomena), involving the spreading of /u/ and the preservation of final −a in some Southern Italian varieties. In section 1 we review the data concerning the
more » ... ata concerning the phonology of /u/ propagation and the syntactic conditions placed on it -as well as treatments suggested for phonosyntactic phenomena within the minimalist framework. In section 2, after providing a phonological analysis within the framework of Savoia (this volume), we argue that the fine variation observed in phonosyntactic contexts of /u/ propagation requires the externalization component to read syntactico-semantic representations. In section 3 we provide a comparison with syntactic conditions on a different phonological process in the same dialects, final −a preservation, and draw some conclusions as to the nature of parametrization.
doi:10.1515/9783110366310-010 fatcat:nezklesdxbbmtcn4h7p4kyk5ni