Influence of Malaria on Diseases of the Ear

1895 American Journal of the Medical Sciences  
470 PBOGBESS OF MEDIOAL SCIENCE. of glands, and dressing with Peruvian balsam and iodoform. Prognosis is favorable, notwithstanding deformities of auricle.-LangcnbecVe Archin. Rebioval of an Exostosis of the External Auditory Canal. Hecke has observed a patient, twenty years old, with exostosis occupying nearly all the external auditory canal. This developed during otitis media suppurativa, induced retention of pus in the drum-cavity, and brought about destruction of the tegmen tympani,
more » ... en tympani, exposing the dura mater. There was also a fistula in the mastoid apophysis. After detachment of the auricle the drum-cavity was exposed and the mastoid antrum was opened by follow¬ ing the fistula. Cure in six months by formation of epidermis in the vast cavity.-Annala da Maladia de V Oreille, vol. xx. Epithelioma of Auricle. Dench regards epithelioma of the auricle as comparatively rare. He cites twelve cases of othera, and reports a case where a hard tumor originated at the base of the tragus and extended slightly on the lower posterior border of the meatus. Ablation two months after first appearance wa3 followed by complete cure. The prognosis seems more favorable here than anywhere else in the body.-Archives of Otology, vol. ixii.
doi:10.1097/00000441-189504000-00047 fatcat:jpk4upe2vbhorngk5cm2odzsgm