Vehicle Accident Spotting and MonitoringbyUtilizing MEMS Accelerometer and GPS Tracing

Snehal Aher, Sunil Gagare
Management and Applied Sciences www.ijetmas.comMay 2017   unpublished
The fast development from claiming engineering has made our lives easier. The coming innovations also expanded those traffic dangers and the street mishaps occur habitually which makes enormous reduction from huge lives due to poor emergency services and facilities. Proposed work will give acceptable ultimate answer for this weakness of existed systems. As stated by this undertaking when a vehicle meets for a mishap or accident, instantly aMicro-Electro-Mechanical System (MEMS)vibration sensor
more » ... ill identify the signaland sends it will to ARM controller. ARM controller will direct to Global Positioning System (GPS) to find the area and coordinates from claiming accident location. Furthermore by utilizing Global System for MobileCommunication (GSM), microcontroller sends the caution message including geographic allotment coordinatesof rescue vehicle to nearby ambulance, hospital, police, andrelative of the victim person. In this way the salvage cooperation ambulance in the rescue team of hospital willtrackaccident area promptly by using geological area coordinates on Google earth provision or alternately whatever viable geographic area discoverer requisition. After adjusting the area accident spot the rescue vehicle unit will begins its salvage operation. This framework also controls the trafficsignals in the way about rescue vehicle so thatit will enable rescue vehicle to arrive at clinic in least period.