Clinical and radiological estimation of efficiency of various technologies of endodontic treatments of permanent teeth at teenagers and persons of young age

2020 Эндодонтия Today  
On the basis of data from clinical and radiographic studies of the stages in the late periods after endodontic treatment of permanent teeth in individuals of all ages evaluated the effectiveness of different endodontic techniques. Examined and treated 350 patients: I group teens and young adults (180 patients); II group - people aged 25 to 50 years (170 patients). A year later, the lowest success rate of 75,2% (complete recovery) was detected in the group of young patients, which used
more » ... l methods of treatment of root canals, and obturation method was used for the cold lateral condensation of gutta-percha. The highest percentage of success was in the patient groups, which conducted a preliminary study of the characteristics endodontist teeth and surrounding tissues on the basis of dental volumetric CT scan, followed by combined use of endodontic individual technologies, taking into account the anatomical characteristics and the level of mineralization of hard tissues of teeth. In the group of young patients it was 95,6% in the older age group - 96,9%.
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