Smart Water Quality Management System-GSM-Global System for Mobile, PIC-Peripheral Interface Controller, SIM-Subscriber Identity Module, pH-Potential of Hydrogen, IOT-Internet of Things

Nancy, Vanishree, Sebasteenav
2018 GRD Journals | Global Research and Development Journal for Engineering | National Conference on Advancement in Emerging Technologies (NCAET'18)   unpublished
Water is a limited resource used in our day to day life for agricultural, recreational, domestic and for a healthy living. So it has become a necessity for adequate and integrated water management such as water level and quality monitoring and to check its efficient usage. Wireless Sensor Network technology helps to monitor the quality of water with the help of sensors immersed in water so as to keep the water resource within the standard that is described for domestic usage and allow to take
more » ... cessary actions to restore the health of the degraded water. IOT has been used for sensing the parameters and to connect with the GSM. The sensor nodes consist of PIC microcontroller, GSM and water quality sensors to measure the parameters such as pH, water level and gases. Data collected from different nodes will be displayed in the PC. The data collected from the sensors are being sent to the cloud center using GSM modem which is enabled using SIM card. These data values can be viewed in the website or the android application on a recurring basis. The motor can be controlled from the website or the android application that has been created. The asset of the developed system is that it's compact, optimal usage of power and can be installed easily.