Proactive power-aware cache management for mobile computing systems

Guohong Cao
2002 IEEE transactions on computers  
AbstractÐRecent work has shown that invalidation report (IR)-based cache management is an attractive approach for mobile environments. However, the IR-based cache invalidation solution has some limitations, such as long query delay, low bandwidth utilization, and it is not suitable for applications where data change frequently. In this paper, we propose a proactive cache management scheme to address these issues. Instead of passively waiting, the clients intelligently prefetch the data that are
more » ... h the data that are most likely used in the future. Based on a novel prefetch-access ratio concept, the proposed scheme can dynamically optimize performance or power based on the available resources and the performance requirements. To deal with frequently updated data, different techniques (indexing and caching) are applied to handle different components of the data based on their update frequency. Detailed simulation experiments are carried out to evaluate the proposed methodology. Compared to previous schemes, our solution not only improves the cache hit ratio, the throughput, and the bandwidth utilization, but also reduces the query delay and the power consumption.
doi:10.1109/tc.2002.1009147 fatcat:obn7q5ikczhj7k6jdfhrtjjgwu