Florina Bran
This paper is providing an overview of global economy, highlighting following aspects: premises of globalization process in economy, their effects and subsequent reactions which occur, for a proper management of adverse effects. Our approach facilitates understanding of globalization process that begins to be part of our life. We would like to describe globalization, as a phenomenon capable to determine pulse of national economic activities. Globalization is an important issue and the aim of
more » ... e and the aim of our paper is to describe globalization as a whole, with its lights and its shadows. According to this dual description, in this way, becoming a known process, "survival" ways can be discovered. Globalization is irreversible and we have to "assimilate" it as a model of thinking and to manage it in our own interest, individually or nationally, and before considering it a good or bad intruder in our lives, we must know it. Issue of globalization is that we have limited resources at global level, and an increasing level of consumption, so we need to find a solution. JEL classification: F62, F64