Dialects of Vulgar Latin and the Dialectal Classification of the Alps-Danube-Adria Region

Attila Gonda
2020 Acta Antiqua Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae  
SummaryThis study compares the Vulgar Latin Raetia, Noricum, Venetia et Histria, Pannónia Superior, Pannónia Inferior and Dalmatia with each other and their provincial capitals in relation to the hypothesized large dialectal isoglosses of Vulgar Latin, and in turn, to the modern Romance languages located in those areas, such as Western Romance, Northern Italian, Southern Italian and Eastern Romance dialects. The analysis is done on the palatal and velar vowels, the V∼B merger, intervocalic V
more » ... p, sonorization, degemination, assimilation, palatalization and final /-s/ drop. The territories of the Alps-Danube-Adria region will be classified according to their similarities to each other and their similarity to the Vulgar Latin or Romance dialects.
doi:10.1556/068.2019.59.1-4.8 fatcat:4h3v6jckx5dc3htk7vd3546ftm