2D Lidar-Based SLAM and Path Planning for Indoor Rescue Using Mobile Robots

Xuexi Zhang, Jiajun Lai, Dongliang Xu, Huaijun Li, Minyue Fu, Zhiguang Cao
2020 Journal of Advanced Transportation  
As the basic system of the rescue robot, the SLAM system largely determines whether the rescue robot can complete the rescue mission. Although the current 2D Lidar-based SLAM algorithm, including its application in indoor rescue environment, has achieved much success, the evaluation of SLAM algorithms combined with path planning for indoor rescue has rarely been studied. This paper studies mapping and path planning for mobile robots in an indoor rescue environment. Combined with path planning
more » ... gorithm, this paper analyzes the applicability of three SLAM algorithms (GMapping algorithm, Hector-SLAM algorithm, and Cartographer algorithm) in indoor rescue environment. Real-time path planning is studied to test the mapping results. To balance path optimality and obstacle avoidance, A ∗ algorithm is used for global path planning, and DWA algorithm is adopted for local path planning. Experimental results validate the SLAM and path planning algorithms in simulated, emulated, and competition rescue environments, respectively. Finally, the results of this paper may facilitate researchers quickly and clearly selecting appropriate algorithms to build SLAM systems according to their own demands.
doi:10.1155/2020/8867937 fatcat:axqoxkvymjbgzaw74ju3zkyxt4