The Alang Ship-breaking Yard

Manoj T. Thomas
2007 Asian Case Research Journal  
The study was conducted in the nursery of the Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences, University of Chittagong, Bangladesh to evaluate the performance of Toona ciliata seedlings grown under three different categories of soil viz. polluted, moderately polluted soil of ship breaking yard and nursery soil. The study showed that polluted soil and moderately polluted soil contain more organic carbon and organic matter compare to that of nursery soil. pH value and conductivity in polluted
more » ... ivity in polluted soil (8.5 and 7343 µs/cm respectively) and moderately polluted soil (7.6 and 6096 µs/cm respectively) also varied than that of nursery soil. Total dry weight of seedlings was found maximu m (14.87±0.47g) grown under nursery soil followed by moderately polluted soil (11.69±0.39g) and polluted soil (10.58±0.33g) over the period of 35 days. The leaf elongation, stem elongation and root growth of seedlings were negatively affected under polluted and moderately polluted soil. It has suggested that nitrogen fixing and pollution resistant species can be used for landscaping polluted areas. Adequate study should be carried out to find out indigenous species that are suitable to plant in the ship breaking yard.
doi:10.1142/s0218927507000965 fatcat:53hu5d3qtbb3tavgopp4qz5jya