G. S. Jumabekova, G. A. Bazarbaeva
2019 Archaeology and Early History of Ukraine  
The article is devoted to zoomorphic images analysis received from the Saka sites of the Eastern Aral Sea region — Uygarak (VII—VI cc. BC) and South Tagisken (VII—V cc. BC). The images were studied by the Khorezm archaeological and ethnographic expedition under the guidance of S. P. Tolstov. This material has been due to the fact that now there is an update of the source base of the studies of art objects belonging to the Saka time in the archaeology of the early Iron Age of Kazakhstan. At
more » ... Kazakhstan. At present the materials on Uygarak and South Tagisken are still among the sites with a large series of excavated mounds, both in the region and in Kazakhstan. Almost completely excavated burial grounds of the early Iron Age containing a large number of objects in Kazakhstan archaeology are single. The analysis of the material on Uygarak and Tagisken depicts that objects with zoomorphic decor were found in every burial. In percentage this makes 21 % in Uygarak and 18 % in Tagisken. According to the archaeologists O. A. Vishnevskaya, M. A. Itina, L. T. Yablonsky, who studied the monuments, the mounds were robbed by contemporaries. Consequently, conducting an objective analysis is difficult, but a trial to trace the dynamics of the emergence of objects created in zoomorphic style seems extremely interesting. There is a high probability that a small number of objects with preserved works of ancient art marks complexes belonging to the steppe aristocracy. Among zoomorphic images, the most common were birds and cat predators. There are objects in the shape of saigas and horses. Images of bears, wolves, deer, argali, wild boars, camels are quite rare. It is worth noting that bird images have never been found in Tagisken materials, and not a single horse and saiga image has been recorded in Uygarak. At the same time, the majority of zoomorphically decorated items are parts of horse equipment.
doi:10.37445/adiu.2019.04.26 fatcat:grir3soj4fbl7pwa26muap4eey