Education situation in Zanzibar
Obrazovna situacija u Zanzibaru

Issa Hemed
2019 Oditor - casopis za Menadzment finansije i pravo  
Apstrakt This paper showcase the Educational situation in Zanzibar, soon after the attainment of independence up to date, this article is divided into two parts, first part is discussing the historical background of education system before and different steps that the education sector has made up to the year of 2018, also this part will try to illustrate the educational structure of Zanzibar with its motives for Zanzibaris and National development. At Last there is a second part that discusses
more » ... ome crusual issues which are vital in discussing educational situation in Zanzibar such as Enrolment of students in both levels of education, socio-economic context, quality and efficiency of education in the society, school's facilities, quality of human resources recruited and infrastructures, financing, and lastly access to education. After discussing these issues this papers will over look on the improvements and strengthness of Zanzibar Education compared with other countries in East Africa, challenges that facing Zanzibar Education and the suggestion up on the discussed issues.
doi:10.5937/oditor1901032h fatcat:hsv4m2s2bvdpvo3nkhoquvwb4i