The Role of Ardalan Dynasty in Safavid-Ottoman Conflict

Ahmadreza Khezri, Asghar Qaedan, Satar Ayenehpour
Safavid-Ottoman conflict during 16 th and 17 th centuries was one of the characteristics of the medieval history. One of the reasons of those conflicts was their attempt to dominate over the Kurdish dynasties specially Ardalan that governed over a vast and strategic region and possessed a strong military power. The current study tries to show the importance of this dynasty and its role in the conflict between the two big empires at different time span. Also, the policies of these two empires
more » ... h regard to the Kurdish dynasty specially the Safavids that finally succeeded in dominating over the Ardalans. The paper also intends to show the effects of the conflict on the dynasty that consequently lost a greater part in the west and its submission to the Safavids and the loss of its independence. The main factors that led to its submission were brutal Ottoman policies and its covetousness to gain Shahr-e-Zoor, as well as more moderate policies of Safavids and the appearance of a powerful centralized government in Iran.