Valley filtering by a line-defect in graphene: quantum interference and inversion of the filter effect

L H Ingaramo, L E F Foa Torres
2016 Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter  
Valley filters are crucial to any device exploiting the valley degree of freedom. By using an atomistic model, we analyze the mechanism leading to the valley filtering produced by a line-defect in graphene and show how it can be inverted by external means. Thanks to a mode decomposition applied to a tight-binding model we can resolve the different transport channels in k-space while keeping a simple but accurate description of the band structure, both close and further away from the Dirac
more » ... This allows the understanding of a destructive interference effect (Fano resonance or antiresonance) on the p-side of the Dirac point leading to a reduced conductance. We show that in the neighborhood of this feature the valley filtering can be reversed by changing the occupations with a gate voltage, the mechanism is explained in terms of a valley-dependent Fano resonance splitting. Our results open the door for an enhanced control of valley transport in graphene-based devices.
doi:10.1088/0953-8984/28/48/485302 pmid:27690316 fatcat:njjvom7mtrgipcqqly4g4llx5y