The Hired Farm Working Force of 1974 – A Statistical Report

Robert C. McElroy
1975 unpublished
In 1974, there were approximately 2.7 million persons 14 years of age and over who did farm wagework at some time during the year. The hired farm working force has changed little over the last 3 years. Thus, the annual employment of farmworkers appears to have become stable after the long-term downward trend of prior years. Generally, hired farm wageworkers were young'(median age 23 years), white (83 percent), male (79 percent), and resided in nonfarm places (76 percent). They earned an average
more » ... y earned an average of $1,447 in annual cash wages, or $16.60 per day for 87 days of farm wagework. Approximately 1.6 million workers were employed solely in farm work during the year; the remaining 1.1 million performed both farm and nonfarm work. About 209,000 (8 percent) of the total were migratory farmworkers in 1974, the third consecutive year of increase. Annual earnings for these workers averaged $1,688, or $21.60 per day for 78 days of farmwork. Forty-nine percent of all migrants were only employed in farmwork during the year.
doi:10.22004/ag.econ.305521 fatcat:pxlpkd43cne6jdsd2fsya7jadq