Efficient presentation of multivalent antigens targeted to various cell surface molecules of dendritic cells and surface Ig of antigen-specific B cells

K Serre, P Machy, J C Grivel, G Jolly, N Brun, J Barbet, L Leserman
1998 Journal of Immunology  
To study the relation between the form of an Ag and the response to it, we compared presentation in vitro with hen egg lysozyme (HEL)-specific T cells from TCR transgenic mice of free HEL and liposome-encapsulated HEL by different APC. HEL-specific splenic B cells or bone marrow-derived dendritic cells were incubated with free HEL or HEL-containing liposomes targeted by Ab to either surface Ig, the Fc receptor, or MHC class I and II molecules. Ag presentation by HEL-specific B cells was at
more » ... B cells was at least 100-fold more efficient for HEL in surface Ig-targeted liposomes than free HEL taken up by the same receptor or HEL in liposomes targeted to class I or II molecules. Ag presentation by dendritic cells from Fc receptor-targeted vesicles was augmented 1,000-10,000-fold compared with free Ag or nontargeted liposomes, but presentation was also efficient when Ag was targeted to class I or II molecules. These results indicate that Ag-specific B cells and dendritic cells can be equally efficient in stimulating IL-2 production by Ag-specific T cells from unimmunized TCR transgenic mice when the Ag is multivalent and taken up by appropriate receptors. In contrast to B cells, which require engagement of surface Ig for optimal presentation, dendritic cells may present Ag by means of several different cell surface molecules.
pmid:9834089 fatcat:2jfhhgeqavaxfboynekz7fwtsm