F. P. Kendall and E. K. McCreary "Muscles, Testing and Function" (Third Edition)

J. A. Robertson
1984 British Journal of Sports Medicine  
It is thirty years since the first edition of this book was published during the period when poliomyelitis epidemics were common. This, the third edition, has been expanded to include a section of muscle function in relation to posture and includes remedial exercise programmes. The book starts with a chapter on Fundamental Principles in Manual Muscle Testing, and goes on to describe isolated and combined joint motion. This is followed by the technique, planning and use of spinal nerve and
more » ... nal nerve and muscle charts. A page is then given over to each individual muscle, and includes an anatomical illustration of the muscle, photographs demonstrating the techniques of testing function and an explicit, clearly laid out text to support the illustrations and discuss the effects of weakness or contracture in the muscle. The quality and printing of illustration, photograph and text is excellent. The book ends with a short bibliography and an extensive list of further selected reading. The book is a reference volume that any Physiotherapy Department would welcome in its library. I would like to see it expanded further to include basic muscle and Joint mechanics and chapters on the modern techniques of gait analysis and kinesiology. Whilst accepting the limitations the authors set, it is a pity that occasionally they do not refer to possible underlying pathologies; for example, six pages are given over to testing for hamstring tightness without a reference that this may be due to mechanical instability in the lower lumbar spine. The physiotherapy student may find that this book will relieve buying an anatomical tome, but for the medical clinician the small M. R.C. booklet on Muscle Testing, which fits easily into a pocket, is more functional.
doi:10.1136/bjsm.18.1.25 fatcat:tdcj6dqwtrdflft7os2bv6ku3i