Continuum field model of defect formation in carbon nanotubes

Zhiling Li, Prasad Dharap, Pradeep Sharma, Satish Nagarajaiah, Boris I. Yakobson
2005 Journal of Applied Physics  
While considerable efforts in the form of ͑numerical͒ atomistic simulations have been expended to understand the mechanics of defect formation under applied strain, analogous analytical efforts have been rather few. In this work, based on the physics at the nanoscale, defect nucleation in single-walled carbon nanotubes is studied using both classical continuum field theory as well as gauge field theory of defects. Despite the inherent continuum assumption in our models, reasonably close
more » ... nably close qualitative and quantitative agreement with existing atomistic simulations is obtained. The latter lends credence to the belief that continuum formulations, with correct incorporation of the relevant physics, can be a powerful and yet simple tool for exploring nanoscale phenomena in carbon nanotubes. The results are more sensitive to chirality than to the size of the nanotubes.
doi:10.1063/1.1870102 fatcat:bkujmiiwvfb3xkhpt6rypm2ale