An Empirical Study of Blended Teaching Mode in ESP Teaching Practice

HAN Jia-jia
2019 Sino-US English Teaching  
Traditional college English teaching ideas and methods cannot meet the current needs of talents in modern society; simultaneously, with the continuous deepening of college English teaching reform, ESP (English for Specific Purpose) has become the mainstream of English teaching and research. While Blended Learning combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods, which are of great significance to change the traditional ESP classroom teaching mode, it will significantly improve
more » ... e effects of English teaching. In this study, ESP Blended Instruction Mode at School of Flight Training in Binzhou University is taken as the research object, and the empirical research is conducted by means of questionnaire survey. The experiment shows that the Blended Instruction Mode has more advantages in improving college students' ESP application ability and is helpful to stimulate their interest in learning, and further enhance their ESP listening, speaking, reading, and writing performance. Teachers have also been greatly improved in this teaching mode, and more targeted suggestions have been put forward.
doi:10.17265/1539-8072/2019.09.005 fatcat:ug4jtvv3nzbzncptaypv52zata