Three-body halos. V. Computations of continuum spectra for Borromean nuclei

A. Cobis, D. V. Fedorov, A. S. Jensen
1998 Physical Review C  
We solve the coordinate space Faddeev equations in the continuum. We employ hyperspherical coordinates and provide analytical expressions allowing easy computation of the effective potentials at distances much larger than the ranges of the interactions where only s-waves in the different Jacobi coordinates couple. Realistic computations are carried out for the Borromean halo nuclei 6He (n+n+\alpha) for J\pi = 0+-, 1+-, 2+- and 11Li (n+n+9Li) for (1/2)+-, (3/2)+-, (5/2)+-. Ground state
more » ... , strength functions, Coulomb dissociation cross sections, phase shifts, complex S-matrix poles are computed and compared to available experimental data. We find enhancements of the strength functions at low energies and a number of low-lying S-matrix poles.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.58.1403 fatcat:4juderkhynaorjzxjlguvdj4sa