Responses to comments of Anonymous Referee #2 [post]

Juan Pedro Montavez
2020 unpublished
Referee comments: in blue. Author responses: in black. We welcome the feedback and appreciate all the referee suggestions and comments. While we do not agree with his/her general message , i.e. that he/she does not favour the publication of a purely algorithmic contribution, we agree that there is room for an improvement in the literature review regarding tropical cyclone tracking algorithms, and thus we have accordingly tried to adapt the manuscript to improve this caveat. Related to the
more » ... l comments: The greatest contribution of this article are the criteria it uses to distinguish medicanes from typical extratropical cyclones. The use of the "cyclonic potential," and its motivation via connection to quasi-geostrophic theory is (to my knowledge) novel and a strength of the article. We thank the reviewer for this comment. These criteria are actually independent of the algorithm and software employed by the C2 GMDD Interactive comment Printer-friendly version Discussion paper
doi:10.5194/gmd-2020-149-ac2 fatcat:5iqvioirevc6rp4dee6ohavn4i