Puntos de Fuga (Vanishing Points): Performance Writing for the Digital Theater

Johannes Birringer, Angeles Romero
Examining the contemporary challenges of "writing" or composing for the digital stage and new forms of real-time programmable or augment­ed multimedia theater, the authors delve into some theoretical concerns that are characteristic of such compositional practices—discussing no­tions of interactivity, wearable space, participatory design, postdramatic textuality and choreography, bilinguality and translation, and political content—before using their new play, Puntos de Fuga (Vanishing Points),
more » ... s a case study. The essay contextualizes the production aesthetic used for Puntos de Fuga, referring amongst others to the Wooster Group's "dancing with technology," and proceeds to delineate the performer techniques and rehearsal methods used in composing an integrated dig­ital performance and multimediated mise en scene closely and passion­ately dedicated to the poetic testimony of harsh political/economic real­ities at the US-Mexican border.
doi:10.26262/gramma.v17i0.6383 fatcat:za7gdirwlvazdhkfdqh7fvhism