Effectiveness of Evaluation Methods and Process of Identifying Students with Learning Disabilities: "A ase Study of USA and Zambia"

Sabrina Moffitt
2023 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Abstract: This study is done to draw a comparative analysis between the evaluation process for special education needs among primary education students in the USA and Zambia. The paper studies the effectiveness of the evaluation methods and the processes of identifying students with learning disabilities in both the countries of the USA and Zambia. There is no appropriate definition for learning disability but in the most basic way, it can be said that learning disability is a term that is used
more » ... to describe many different neurological disorders. It is the consequence of impairments in one or more processes that is related to perceiving, thinking, remembering, or even learning. The mechanisms of the children with learning disabilities are just as same as normal kids, it is just that their brains are wired differently. This difference in their brain affects how they receive and process information. These disorders are not curable, it is a lifelong issue. Children with learning disabilities are taught by special education which is a practice of educating students in such a way that their individual differences and their special needs can be addressed. With the help of proper support and intervention, children suffering with learning disabilities can get success in their academic field and get distinguished careers later in life.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2023.49119 fatcat:ru54iryheresxiqjvqb7ntwjmq