Book Review: Transnational Audiences: Media Reception on a Global Scale

Fabienne Darling-Wolf
2018 Media Industries  
The rise of digital and social media in the new millennium has spurred intense academic and popular discussions about the shifting nature of audiences' mediated engagement with each other. As space and time-defying technology redefines individuals' sense of place and belonging, media reception and the work of the imagination have taken on new and increasingly global dimensions. In his book Transnational Audiences: Media Reception on a Global Scale, Adrian Athique helps readers sort through the
more » ... ey issues relevant to these contemporary developments. By providing a survey of the theoretical foundations of transnational communication and "cogent examples of media configurations operating across our increasingly interlaced world," Athique offers much needed historical and disciplinary contextualization to the different lenses through which the notion of transnational audience has been approached by scholars. The result is a detailed roadmap for students and scholars wishing to enter the conversation and a theoretical and methodological tool kit for those interested in studying transnational audiences in a variety of setting. Developing this tool kit requires Athique to wrestle with the changing configuration of audiences' relationship to the global, national, and local under conditions of globalization.
doi:10.3998/mij.15031809.0005.111 fatcat:v3hvxgc2mfcvnismyyku6tdgze