Globalisation with local flavour? Transformation of spatial values and the 'new localism' trend in Slovenia

Matjaž Uršič
2011 Sociologie Româneasca = Romanian Sociology  
New communication and transport technologies importantly influence the understanding of time-space relations in the micro context of local communities. These influences, usually placed under the common denominator of globalization, seem to affect i.e. transform spatial values and challenge the established interpretations of what is perceived to be traditional, authentic, genuine and local. The paper gives a small insight into the processes of socio-spatial transformation in Slovenia and shows
more » ... lovenia and shows the extensiveness of globalization process on the case of 'new localism'. Although new localism at the first glance resembles i.e. mimics 'localism', it profoundly differs from it on the value basis. Localism can be best described as a relation between place, understood as a space, which is relatively small and limited, and social phenomena that occur in it. This relationship is valorised (ideologised) from the point of observer or actor and becomes a part of his identity. New localism is in this sense more open that localism but still emphasizes the necessity of certain special values, which should be present on the locality. These special values often include aspirations for the transformation of current localities that deny some of the inevitable influences of globalisation process. In fact, a great number of present localities in Slovenia try to reinforce the feeling of community and use different spatial techniques to obtain these objectives. Some of these spatial techniques are much disputable as they are exclusive towards specific cultural representations, groups of people and may even on the long-term scale negatively effect the socio-economic development of Slovenia. This shift from old to new localism in Slovenia is analysed through data from various research projects that were carried out at the Centre for Spatial Sociology in Ljubljana.
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