A Comparison on the Use of Language Learning Strategies by Male and Female Vietnamese Tertiary Students of Non-English Majors

Trong Nguyen, M Nhan, Ho Lai, M Tesol, Trong Nguyen, M Nhan, Thi Ho, M Lai, Tesol
2013 unpublished
This article reports research on the similarities and differences in the frequency of strategy use for EFL learning by 50 male and 50 female Vietnamese first-year-students at HoChiMinh City University of Natural Resources and Environment in Vietnam. Using Oxford's (1990) SILL (Strategy Inventory for Language Learning) Version 7.0 as the questionnaire in English and Vietnamese, the study found that both male and female Vietnamese students reported a medium frequency for the use of language
more » ... e of language learning strategies although the reported strategy use was greater for males than females. The female Vietnamese learners tended to use indirect strategies more often and direct strategies less often than the males did. Compensation and social strategies were remarkably preferred by the males while memory and affective strategies were most employed by the females.