Direct Photon Measurements with the ALICE Experiment at the LHC

Erwann Masson, on behalf of the ALICE Collaboration
2019 Proceedings (MDPI)  
In high-energy hadron collisions, direct photons can be produced in various processes andare of particular interest to study the hot QCD medium since they escape it without being affected.These proceedings present the latest ALICE experiment results concerning direct photon productionin proton-proton (pp), proton-lead (p–Pb) and lead-lead (Pb–Pb) collisions. All measurements agreewith pQCD calculations at high transverse momentum (pT) and show no direct photon excess at lowpT in small systems
more » ... in small systems while a low-pT signal is found in central Pb–Pb collisions.
doi:10.3390/proceedings2019010001 fatcat:vtyvrkomzbbo5ahimxbyqzwvcy