A low-cost approach to real-time morphological edge detection

M. Fathy, M.Y. Siyal, C.G. Darkin
Proceedings of TENCON'94 - 1994 IEEE Region 10's 9th Annual International Conference on: 'Frontiers of Computer Technology'  
Real-time edge-based image detection is an important task in many image ' analysis operations. Morphological-based edge detection operators has shown to be effective as well as efficiently being implementable in many image processing applications. In this paper, the concept behind development of various morphologid edge aktection operators is briefl descrilwd A new edge detector, based on combining separable median filtering and morphologcd operatiom, is introduced Thc peflormance of the
more » ... mance of the proposed edge detector is compared with some other edge detectors. A low-cost methodology for implementing mophobgical edge detectors L p e n t e d
doi:10.1109/tencon.1994.369210 fatcat:jayttld6kzbrjegrccggu3nsn4