Social Media and City Branding: A Case Study of Instagram Project @cityofizmir

Ezgi Saatçioğlu
Because social media is being used by more people every day and has an impact on consumer preferences, brands are now actively participating in social media and using it as a communication tool. In this context, social media plays an important role in branding and is also being used for city branding as a result of media convergence. This study investigates social media use in the context of urban branding handled over Instagram. The purpose of the study is to determine the use of social media
more » ... se of social media in an urban branding context in order to reach both locals and potential visitors. For this purpose, the account @cityofizmir, an Instagram-focused project created by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, was considered as a case study and was examined over the course of 2016. This study has a quantitative research design, and content analysis was chosen as a research technique. The results indicate that most of the content is produced in the "places to see" category, and most of the content shared on the account is geo-tagged. Photo content is the most numerous content on the account. Followers prefer to "like" the content instead of commenting on it. In conclusion, the @cityofizmir Instagram project is a successful tool for the city branding of İzmir.