DNA METHYLTRANSFERASE 3 (MET3) is regulated by Polycomb Group complex during Arabidopsis endosperm development [article]

Louis Tirot, pauline E jullien
2021 bioRxiv   pre-print
Complex epigenetic changes occur during plant reproduction. These regulations ensure the proper transmission of epigenetic information as well as allowing for zygotic totipotency. In Arabidopsis, the main DNA methyltransferase is called MET1 and is responsible for methylating cytosine in the CG context. The Arabidopsis genome encodes for three additional reproduction-specific homologs of MET1, namely MET2a, MET2b and MET3. In this paper, we show that the DNA methyltransferase MET3 is expressed
more » ... n the seed endosperm and its expression is further restricted to the chalazal endosperm. MET3 is biallelically expressed in the endosperm but displays a paternal expression bias. We found that MET3 expression is regulated by the Polycomb complex proteins FIE and MSI1. Seed development is not impaired in met3 mutant, and we could not observe significant transcriptional changes in met3 mutant. Interestingly, we found that MET3 regulates gene expression in a Polycomb mutant background suggesting a further complexification of the interplay between H3K27me3 and DNA methylation in the seed endosperm.
doi:10.1101/2021.06.28.450243 fatcat:rk3imy4gzzhdhpjphivff5bx2a