18-3 AVC/H.264符号化画質改善の一検討(第18部門 符号化技術)
18-3 Improvement of the Picture Quality of AVC/H.264 Encoder

Kazuhisa IGUCHI, Seiichi GOHSHI, Shinichi SAKAIDA, Kiyoshi SAKAI, Akira NAKAGAWA, Hidenobu MIYOSHI
2005 Proceedings of the ITE Annual Convention  
Apre − prooess 洫 g 丘1ter for improvement of the picture quality of AVCIH . 264 enooder is proposed . It eli血 nates high − fre ( Nency unimportant components 血 ternporal moving area and spatial diagonal frequency energy . It also has a 釦 nction ofboost middle − frequency of venical and horizonta1 direction . It preserves details ofimage without bitrate increasing .
doi:10.11485/iteac.2005.0__18-3-1_ fatcat:my6crsqd4rgfpagupxfyl7te5i