International Journal of Engineering Sciences & Management Research A HYBRID BLIND WATERMARKING SCHEME FOR SECURING E-GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT IMAGES

Com, Samiksha Soni, Manisha Sharma
2014 unpublished
With the advancement of information technology the ways of sharing information has become easier, cheaper and instant. This advancement has also changed the scenario of sharing information among government organization. E-governance is related to providing digital information of programmes and policies of the governments to its citizens in quick and transparent manner. This paper deals with the security issues in e-governance and a blind copyright protection scheme is developed for e-document
more » ... ages. In this paper a secure and robust watermarking scheme is developed by the integrated use of DCT and SVD. Robustness and transparency of proposed work is analyzed under various attack with varying payload. Experimental result shows that proposed work posses great robustness for random noise, salt and pepper noise, compression, cropping, row column blanking and row column copying attacks which is being evaluated from the values of NC, PSNR and BER.