Racialized Bordering Discourses on European Roma [book]

Kathryn Cassidy, Georgie Wemyss, Nira Yuval-Davis
In the introduction to this special issue, we briefly introduce everyday bordering as the theoretical framing for the papers and explore its relationship to the process of racialization. We introduce our situated intersectional approach to the study of everyday bordering, illustrating the importance of capturing the differentially situated gazes of a range of social actors. We then go on to place contextualise the importance of this framing and approach in a wider discussion of Roma in Europe
more » ... of Roma in Europe before conclusing with a summary of the particular contributions of each of the papers in this special issue to these debates.
doi:10.4324/9781315100579 fatcat:vnh22obrxngddk7cz5wn2j5xyq