Evaluasi Kepuasan Pelayanan Publik Studi Kasus Pada PT. Jamsostek (Persero)

Abdul Rahman
Increasing and maintaining a service quality are not an easy job, moreover if there are involving some division in delivering the services. JPK programme, as one of the public service programme in health, which are organized by PT jamsostek (Persero), using the trhee party pattern which are involving three institution, such as Badan Penyelenggara (PT Jamsostek), Provider (Health Care Organizer) dan Recipient (cor-poration dan employee) as their customer. The three party pattern is a complex
more » ... l since each involved institutions have their own potential. Interaction among the three institution will come out a potential side effect problem, which in the end affected the quality of the delivered services. In evaluating the satisfaction of the delivered services objectively, in tem of increasing and maintaining the services' quality, then the aim of this research.