Two Remarks on the Toyoq Caves and Abita Qur "Abita Cave"

Dai Matsui
2021 Письменные памятники Востока  
IOM RAS preserves 55 Old Uighur manuscripts related to a group of Buddhist Uighurs who were active around the monastery of abita qur Abita Cave at the Toyoq Cave Temples. This paper investigates the location of the Abita Cave through Uighur wall inscriptions, which have been discovered at the monastery complex in the West Zone of the Toyoq site. Furthermore, this paper inquires into an Old Uighur toponym mentioned as the hometown of the scribe of one of the 55 manuscripts, which would suggest the pilgrimage range surrounding the Toyoq Caves
doi:10.17816/wmo77308 fatcat:s7qjvurhancorhlp754uiabixu