Space technology based rainfall water flooding, solutions and preventive measures

2013 International Journal of Multidisciplinary and Current Research  
This paper investigated the causes of surface rainfall floods, using a case study in the Sudan. The effort made in the investigation revealed the role that can be played by the open data sources in pointing out the real causes of these floods, using the topographical and hydrological models of the study area. The study area is directly affected by a water volume of 2,021,800 m 3 , but the indirect effect caused by the man-made features blocking the natural course of the rainfall water is more
more » ... all water is more than hundred times the direct effect (269,798,800 m 3 ). In fact, the indirect flooding is 133.445 times the direct one (269,798,800/2,021,800). Accordingly, open data sources can be adopted to form the topographical and hydrological models of the area and solutions can made for existing floods problems and preventive measures can be made for new urban planning areas.
doi:10.14741/ijmcr/5.6.32 fatcat:ozjxcvgvuze65k5h4l3jthqpxm