Adipofascial Posterior Interosseous Reverse Flap for Soft Tissue Loss on Dorsal Aspect of the Hand

2018 Journal of Orthopedics & Rheumatology  
Soft tissue defects of hand should be carefully evaluated to determine the most appropriate alternative for coverage. Thirteen patients with soft tissue loss on dorsum of the hand were managed by reversed septo fascial Posterior Interosseous Artery (PIA) forearm flap. The largest size of the defect was 120x50 cm all the flaps survived. The donor site was closed primarily. The flaps contoured well to the recipient site and had good cohesion and color match. The reversed posterior interosseous
more » ... ior interosseous flap is a versatile and reliable alternative for coverage of moderate sized defects of the hand. Figure 1: Skin loss at the dorsum of the hand and planning.
doi:10.13188/2334-2846.1000045 fatcat:ffvtewdvj5actfkapsbj4gnsgi