ROSATObservations of two Southern Supernova Remnants

F. D. Seward, K. E. earns, K. L. Rhode
1996 Astrophysical Journal  
The supernova remnants G327.1[1.1 and G327.4]0.4 (Kes 27) are located apart in the constella-1¡ .5 tion Norma. In 1980, Einstein IPC observations discovered that both were irregular Ðlled-center X-ray sources with possible point sources superposed. This paper describes new ROSAT PSPC observations which both map the di †use structure and clearly show several unresolved sources in each Ðeld. Both remnants have bright emitting regions inside the limb which might indicate the presence of
more » ... electrons accelerated by a pulsar. The interior region is more prominent in G327.1[1.1 than in Kes 27. The spectra are relatively strongly absorbed, as expected from distant remnants close to the Galactic plane. Comparison of the X-ray and radio maps of each remnant allows us to attribute some emission to a shell and some to the interior. With this information, a blast-wave model is used to derive approximate ages and energy release. Indications are that the Kes 27 supernova deposited D1051 ergs in the surrounding medium. The G327.1[1.1 event probably deposited a factor of 3È10 less. Subject headings : ISM : individual (Kesteven 27, G327.4]0.4, G327.1[1.1) È supernovae remnants È X-rays : ISM
doi:10.1086/178015 fatcat:72rlhbxfy5g5ti7uuaxzbb2r54