Preparation and Standardization of Asava from Emblica officinalis Gertin by using flowers of woodfordia fruticosa as a fermenter

Vaishali Argade, Vishal Pande
134 Abstract: Asava and Arishta are the very popular dosage form of Ayurveda, used since ancient time as a medicine for the treatment of various diseases.The Asava formulation was prepared by using flowers of woodfordia fruticosa as a fermenter with addition of jaggery. Heavy metal analysis was carried out using AAS and active chemical constituent was identified using RP-HPLC methods. The UV spectrophotometric method for formulation was developed and validated as per ICH Q2B guidelines.The self
more » ... generated alcohol (SGA) content as ethanol was observed to be 8.69%, also the higher alcohol like n-butanol, n-propanol, iso-butanol were also found in trace amount as a byproduct of alcoholic fermentation. From the present study it can be said that the Ascorbic acid is found in Asava formulation also the properties of Amla and flowers of plant Woodfordia fruticosa, will helps to improve the health benefits of Asava formulation.