A New Approach for Parameters of Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering at Low Energies in One and Two Dimensions

Mohammad Reza Shojaei, Maryam Amini, Niloufar Zoghi-Foumani
2015 International Frontier Science Letters  
Many of the important properties of multi-nucleon systems can be found by studying the nucleon- nucleon interactions. In this work, a suitable central and an appropriate noncentral potential have been used to study nucleon- nucleon scattering in one and two dimensions. The phase shift, scattering cross section, length and amplitude are calculated using the Nikiforov-Uvarov (NU) method and WKB approximation. Comparison between the results of the suggested model in this article and the
more » ... l reported values indicates that there is a good consistency between them.
doi:10.18052/www.scipress.com/ifsl.3.1 fatcat:ye54wwtxgrd2ffv6giox5vddha