Linking Architectural and Component Level System Views by Abstract State Machines [chapter]

Egon Börger
Languages for System Specification  
In hardware and software design model checkers are nowadays used with success to verify properties of system components [23] . The limits of the approach to cope with the size and the complexity of modern computer-based systems are felt when it comes to provide evidence of the trustworthiness of the entire system that has been built out of verified components. To achieve this task one has to experimentally validate or to mathematically verify the composition of the system. This reveals a gap
more » ... is reveals a gap between the finite state machine (FSM) view of model-checkable components and the architectural system view. In this paper we show how Abstract State Machines (ASM) can be used to fill this gap for both design and analysis, using a flexible concept of ASM component.
doi:10.1007/1-4020-7991-5_16 fatcat:37b7xphryvbf3jmo52xg4tm6tm