Dependence of Changes of Histogram Shapes from Time and Space Direction is the Same when Fluctuation Intensities of Both Light-Diode Light Flow and 239 Pu Alpha-Activity are Measured

I Rubinshtein, S Shnoll, A Kaminsky, V Kolombet, M Astashev, S Shapovalov, B Bokalenko, A Andreeva, D Kharakoz
2012 PROGRESS IN PHYSICS   unpublished
The paper tells that spectra of fluctuation amplitudes, that is, shapes of corresponding histograms, resulting measurements of intensity of light fluxes issued by a light-diode and measurements of intensity of 239 Pu alpha-particles issues change synchronously. Experiments with light beams show the same diurnal periodicity and space direction dependencies as experiments with radioactivity. Thus new possibilities for investigation of "macroscopic fluctuations" come.