XXIII. On Three Oaks of Palestine

J. D. Hooker
1861 Transactions of the Linnean Society of London  
which I made last autumn in company with 3Ir. Hailbury, F.L.S., we paid especial attention to the oaks of that country which occurred on our route, in the hopes of being able to throw some light on their very intricate and confused history. The brief nature of our visit, and the necessity we were under of moving rapidly almost daily, and always on horseback, rendered it impossible to do more than obtain an accurate idea of the conimonest species only : of these one was all but ubiquitous, from
more » ... t ubiquitous, from the latitude of Tripoli to that of Hebron ; and two others appeared in such great abundance in various localities, that we have, I think, ohtained a clear conception of their limits of variation in Syria, and, by means of the specimens we procured, have identified them with those of other parts of the Mediterranean. There are QUercus pseztdococci$era, Desf., Q. Bgilops, L., and Q. infectoricl, L., of which three species I find that no fewer than thirteen have been made in Syria alone, and an equal, or probably a much greater number in Asia Minor and other parts of the Levant. To the following identifications I have been guided either by good specimens or by excellent plates, amongst the very best of both kinds of which evidence I mould especially indicate the Syrian and Taurian collections of Kotschy, and his superb folio fascicles entitled " Die Eichen Europa's und des Orients," the plates of which are unrivalled. 1. QUERCUS PSEUDO-COCCIFERA, Desf. Atlant. ii. p. 549.
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