A Synchronization Scheme for Hierarchical Video Streams over Heterogeneous Networks

2015 KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems  
Owing to the increase in consumption of multimedia content and the improvement of device capacity, user demand for high-quality content has increased. However, it is difficult to transport such large amounts of content over the existing broadcasting network with limited bandwidth. To provide high-definition broadcasting, some studies suggest methods of transporting multimedia over heterogeneous networks after encoding content hierarchically. MPEG Media Transport (MMT), standardized by Moving
more » ... ture Experts Group (MPEG), is a solution that enables large-volume media transport over heterogeneous networks such as digital broadcasting networks and packet-switched networks. In the case of delivering a scalable encoded video over different networks, synchronization of each stream is an important issue. MMT defines a synchronization scheme, but does not contain sufficient functions to implement it. In this paper, we propose a synchronization scheme for media streams that are encoded hierarchically, divided into layers, and transported over heterogeneous networks. We implement our scheme using MMT and HTTP, and experimented using three encapsulated video streams with different durations. As a result, we show that the proposed scheme can reduce the waiting time to display high-quality video, relative to Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP-Scalable Video Coding (DASH-SVC) by requesting segments of enhanced layers after calculating the transmission time. Additionally, we find out that the selection of durations have a relation to the characteristics of the video.
doi:10.3837/tiis.2015.08.022 fatcat:dknmy7zqfbcm7kdthkzvuudrna