The spatial distribution of visual attention in hemineglect and extinction patients

N Smania
1998 Brain  
We studied the visual field distribution of speed and accuracy of manual responses to small brief light flashes, in patients with left hemineglect or extinction resulting from right hemisphere vascular lesions and in braindamaged and healthy control subjects. All patients with right hemisphere lesions showed a greater impairment in both the speed of response and the detection rate in the contralesional than in the ipsilesional hemifield. This interfield difference increased with the
more » ... ith the eccentricity of stimulus presentation and was especially pronounced in neglect patients who showed a paradoxical increase in speed of response and detection rate at increasingly larger eccentricities in the ipsilesional hemifield. We hypothesize that both the contralesional slowing down and the Abbreviations: ANOVA ϭ analysis of variance; LED ϭ light emitting diode; LH ϭ left hemisphere; RH ϭ right hemisphere; RT ϭ reaction time
doi:10.1093/brain/121.9.1759 pmid:9762963 fatcat:nvwqkavbyngufjwng2dkae362y