Statistical and numerical study of asteroid orbital uncertainty

J. Desmars, D. Bancelin, D. Hestroffer, W. Thuillot
2013 Astronomy and Astrophysics  
The knowledge of the orbit or the ephemeris uncertainty of asteroid presents a particular interest for various purposes. These quantities are for instance useful for recovering asteroids, for identifying lost asteroids or for planning stellar occultation campaigns. They are also needed to estimate the close approach of Near-Earth asteroids, and subsequent risk of collision. Ephemeris accuracy can also be used for instrument calibration purposes or for scientific applications. Asteroid databases
more » ... provide information about the uncertainty of the orbits allowing the measure of the quality of an orbit. The aims of this paper is to analyse these different uncertainty parameters and to estimate the impact of the different measurements on the uncertainty of orbits. We particularly deal with two main databases ASTORB and MPCORB providing uncertainty parameters for asteroid orbits. Statistical methods are used in order to estimate orbital uncertainty and compare with parameters from databases. Simulations are also generated to deal with specific measurements such as future Gaia or present radar measurements. Relations between the uncertainty parameter and the characteristics of the asteroid (orbital arc, absolute magnitude, ...) are highlighted. Moreover, a review of the different measuments are compiled and the impact of these measures on the accuracy of the orbit is also estimated.
doi:10.1051/0004-6361/201321090 fatcat:wynh4wwvefacfb5kpsdo4m7zsq