Research on the Mechanism of Social Mobilization in Major Public Health Emergencies—Taking the COVID-19 Epidemic as an Example

Xibo Sun, Jiajia Liang, Ke Wang
2021 Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Social Science and Higher Education (ICSSHE 2021)   unpublished
To solve major public health emergencies, it is inseparable from a government with a strong organization and mobilization ability, and even more so with grassroots forces. Social mobilization is an important means of emergency management. So how does the social mobilization mechanism play a role in this process? This article adopts the method of case analysis and grounded theory. Based on the case data of the new crown epidemic, a three-level coding analysis was carried out and a theoretical
more » ... el was established. In the context of the deteriorating crisis, the identity of the mobilized, the particularity of personality and values, the organizational capabilities of government agencies, the mobilization capabilities of emergency culture, the mobilization capabilities of new media, and the state's emergency management capabilities constitute the social mobilization mechanism. Combining the characteristics of different mechanisms, the paper finally puts forward suggestions to improve the social mobilization mechanism. This article fills in the theoretical gap of using qualitative research methods to study social mobilization.
doi:10.2991/assehr.k.211122.143 fatcat:mq4ab6j2qbgafpr3kisbhauniy