Developing a list of important drug- drug interactions in the clinical practice in the internal department – Kien An Hospital, Hai Phong City

Nguyen Thi Hanh, Vu Thi Phuong Thao, Ha Quang Tuan, Nguyen Xuan Bach, Nguyen Thanh Hai
2019 VNU Journal of Science Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences  
This study was aimed to develop a list of important drug- drug interactions (DDIs) at the Internal department – Kien An Hospital. Subjects and methods: This study was 3 phases: (1) The construction of the initiative list was based on consenous of the documentations from the list of drugs in Kien An hospital: Micromedex 2.0, the patient leaflets and Drug Interaction Fact 2014. (2) The research group reviewed all the in-patient medical records in the General internal department and Cardiology
more » ... and Cardiology department and sorted the high-frequency DDIs with prevalance higher than 1%. (3) After the DDIs of the first list and the second list were assessed by a group of doctors and pharmacists who the proposed a list of important DDIs at the internal deparment – Kien An Hospital. Results: From the documentations, the research group constructed 27 DDIs of the list. Conclusion: This DDIs list can be disseminated in clinical departments and integrated into the prescribing software of Kien An hospital. Keywords Kien An hospital, DDIs, Micromedex 2.0, high-frequency. References [1] D.C. Malone, J. Abarca, P.D. Hansten, A.J. Grizzle, E.P. Armstrong, R.C.V Bergen, B.S. Duncan-Edgar, S.L. Solomon, R.B. Lipton, Indentification of Serious Drug-Drug Interactions: Results of the Partnership to Prevent Drug-Drug Interactions, J. Am. Pharm. Assoc. 44 (2004) 142-151.[2] P. Vonbach, A. Dubied, S. Kra¨henbu¨hl, J.H. Beer, Evaluation of frequently used drug interaction screening programs, Pharm. World. Sci. 30 (2008) 367-374. [3] A.J. Harman, S.J. Press, Collecting and Analyzing Expert Group Judgement Data, Rand Corporation, Califonia, 1975.[4] P.E. Shrout, J.L. Fleiss, Intraclass Correlations: Uses in Assessing Rater Reliability, Psychol Bull. 86 (1979) 420-442. [5] D.S. Tatro, Drug Interaction Facts, Wolters Kluwer Health, 2014.[6] J. Abarca, D.C. Malone, E.P. Armstrong, A.J. Grizzle, P.D. Hansten, R.C.V. Bergen, R.B. Lipton, Concordance of Severity Ratings Provided in Four Drug Interaction Compendia, J. Am. Pharm. Assoc. 44 (2004) 136-141. [7] N.T. Hang, P.T. Ha, N.M. Hoa, T.T. Ngan, N.H, Anh, N.T.H. Ha, Developing a list of clinically significant drug-drug interactions at the National Hospital of Pediatrics, Journal of Pharmaceutical reseach and Drug information 4+5 (2016) 137-141 (in Vietnamese). [8] Pharmacy Times, Diuretics, ACEIs, ARBs and NSAIDs: A Nephrotoxic Combination. (accessed 18 April 2013).
doi:10.25073/2588-1132/vnumps.4179 fatcat:3p6y4tc4angdlghza6psbrt72e